Tomsk State University

TSU is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of the project. TSU provides necessary assistance to its partners in curriculum development and teaching of EU courses at BA and MA levels. Tomsk team in close cooperation with its partners will coordinate research on EU topics, as well as preparation and publication of teaching materials for EU programmes.

TSU is ready to fulfil the demanding and ambitious task, as it was the first university in the Asian part of Russia to host Council of Europe Human Rights Centre and EU Documentation Centre. Both Centres provide universities and the local community with up-to-date information on CE and EU developments. TSU Scientific Library was modernized within the framework of the special TEMPUS–TACIS project (1995–1998). The library holds one the biggest collections of scientific books and periodicals in the Asian part of Russia. It was the first Russian library to be fully computerized (official web–site of the TSU Scientific Library – It is also subscribed to numerous electronic academic resources, which makes it an excellent place to study and conduct research.

Partner universities

Cooperation between TSU and partner universities has a long-standing history and was strengthened during the last decade when the TEMPUS projects on EU and European studies were implemented. Academic and outreach activities in Tomsk and other participating cities rely on particular strengths of partner universities.

Tyumen State University has strong ties with the business community and regional high school teachers, and successfully involves international scholars in the teaching process.

Altai State University is prominent in Political Studies and has the most developed connections with NGOs and local political parties. ASU annually holds conferences and events under the auspice of the Altai School of Political Studies.

Irkutsk State University bridges the gap between European and Asian Studies with specific focus on ethnic/minority studies and migration issues.

Kemerovo State University is the leading regional university with well-established German Studies and closely cooperates with the regional authorities.

These features are bound to have their impact upon design and implementation of activities during the project.