Master Degree in European Studies

Two-year Master Degree in “European Studies” (field of study “International Relations”) trains specialists in European countries and the European Union as the key economic and political partners of the Russian Federation.

Sets of disciplines:

Applicants can apply for government-funded places or opt to study on a fee-paying basis.

Entrance examinations:

Double Master Degree in EU Studies

The Double Master Degree in the European Studies Program is the joint project of the TSU and the Free University of Brussels (Universite libre de Bruxelles / ULB). The Program focuses on major aspects of the integration within the framework of the European Union. Program graduates receive two national diplomas: TSU Master Diploma in International Relations (major “European Studies”) and ULB Master Diploma in European Studies (majors “Political Aspects” or “European History and Culture”, as chosen by the student).

Structure of the Program

The Program lasts two years (120 ECTS). During the first year students are educated at TSU, their second year, including preparation and defense of the Master dissertation, takes place at the ULB.

Sets of disciplines:

Candidates with Bachelor or Specialist degree in social sciences or humanities are eligible to apply for the Program.

Entrance examinations:

Contact information

Master Degree Programs Coordinator – professor, Evgeny Troitskiy.