Curriculum development

Ongoing curriculum development at the TSU and partner universities is an indispensable part of the project with an emphasis on high quality and relevance to the stakeholders’ needs.


New courses on EU are developed at the Tomsk State University and the partner universities. Existing EU courses will be revised on a peer-review basis by experts from partner universities and European experts. At least three seminars will be held, each year at a different partner university, in order to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and to strengthen cooperation between faculty members. These seminars will address the content of EU courses, teaching methods, methods of evaluation, compliance with Bologna process requirements and Russian educational reforms.
TSU will assist its partners in licensing and accreditation of BA and MA programmes in EU studies. Dr. Sergey Yun is responsible for providing support and consultations to partner universities in these activities.

Teaching materials

Preparation of teaching materials is crucial in ensuring sustainability of courses on EU and their dissemination. Existing courses will be supplemented with coherent and thoroughly developed course materials based on research and teaching experience. During the project at least five new collective and individual course materials will be published, such as “World Integration Processes and International Organizations”, “EU Institutions”, “EU Law”, “EU Common Foreign and Security Policy”, “EU Policy in Central Asia”, and “EU Policy in Human Rights Protection”.

Distance learning

TSU and partner universities offer faculty training programs with a focus on design and delivery of e-courses. Faculty members will develop electronic versions of courses on EU and make them available to any interested person through the portals of the TSU Institute of Distance Learning and distance learning centres of partner universities.