The project aims to foster joint and individual research on EU topics by providing a forum to present and discuss research results and the possibility to publish them.

Conferences and publications

Annual conferences on EU involving the faculty from all partner universities, as well as EU experts and representatives of other universities serve to ensure sustainable research interest towards EU topics in Siberia. Panels for undergraduate and graduate students motivate the most advanced of young researchers to take an active part in academic activities. Publication of monographs on EU and support of academic periodicals on EU at partner universities is an additional incentive for research. Conference materials and other publications are distributed free of charge among Siberian partners and other regional, Russian and European universities.


Tyumen and Tomsk universities publish academic periodicals dedicated to European studies:

The yearbook is published annually since 2001 and covers various cultural, political, social and economic aspects of European history and contemporary Europe. Volumes 2-5 are available at the World History web-site. Volumes 4-9 can be accessed at the web-page of the Institute of History and Political Science.

Five volumes have been published so far, they cover various aspects of European history, domestic and foreign policy of European countries, their participation in international relations, as well as problems of methodology and historiography.