National and civil integration in Europe, Russia, Siberia

On March 29 Tomsk State University hosted a workshop “Europe – Russia – Siberia: Common and Special in National and Civil Integration”. The workshop was jointly organized by EUCES, Liberal Mission Foundation, Moscow office of the Kennan Institute (USA), and Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Germany).

The workshop involved well-known Russian and international experts:

Experts touched upon diverse manifestations of identity and life of polycultural contemporary societies: from comparative aspects of identity in Europe and Russia and regional and urban identity to integration in the context of labor migration and preservation of “relict” forms of religious identity (old-believers in Siberia). Nikolay Rozov presented his book “Track and Passover: Macrosociological Foundations of Russian Strategies in the XXI Century” (Moscow, 2011).

The workshop drew significant attention from faculty and students of different Tomsk universities, as well as Kemerovo State University. Experts’ presentations were recorded by TSU television and are now available to everyone who is interested in this topic.

For EUCES this workshop became the first experience of a joint event with several different foundations. The main travel and accommodation expenses of experts from other cities were covered by the Kennan Institute and Ebert Foundation. Experts gave positive feedback about workshop organization and diversity of the Tomsk audience. Tomsk State University will continue cooperation with these foundations.