EUCES aims to overcome existing gaps between education, research, business and government at the regional level, targeting various audiences and bringing together different players. Therefore, outreach activities are an integral part of the effort jointly made by partner universities.

An important task of academic experts from partner universities is to provide consultations to local public officials, school teachers, journalists and NGOs. Their participation in various events at the local and regional levels ensures informed discussion of EU-related topics. Encouraging and coordinating debates on EU and EU-Russia relations EUCES relies on a wide range of formats, including conferences, seminars, video conferences and messages in the local and university media.

EUCES web-page serves to facilitate outreach and make publications on EU available to all interested people.

Authorities, schools and business community

EUCES and the partner universities undertake to prepare and deliver short-term training courses to share their expertise on EU with employees of municipal and regional governments in the respective cities and regions of Siberia, as well as with representatives of the business community. A wide range of topics serves to satisfy the needs of those whose work requires a certain scope of knowledge about EU. These topics include EU law, EU customs and taxation systems, EU social policy mechanisms, existing programmes of cooperation involving non-EU members etc.

Partner universities have established long-term relations with the Regional Institutes for Teachers’ Professional Development in Tomsk, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, and Tyumen. Courses on EU are prepared and will be delivered to school teachers of history and social science within the programs of their advanced training.

Public awareness

Annual events devoted to EU target wider local and regional audiences and serve to raise public awareness about the European Union. Week/Days of Europe in a certain city is a format that allows combining various educational and outreach activities. Essay and art competitions among school and university students represent an efficient way to involve younger generation into EU-related activities and encourage them to learn more about EU and EU-Russia relations.

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