Eastern Direction of EU Enlargement: Problems and Prospects

Project: Multi-author book “Eastern Direction of EU Enlargement: problems and Prospects”

Coordinator: Elena Litsareva, Doctor of History, professor at the Chair of World Politics, History Department, Tomsk State University

Deadline for submission of draft sections: October 2012

The book is expected to be published: spring 2013

Total volume: 300-350 p.

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Section 1. Evolution of EU institutions and bodies in the context of eastward enlargement (Sergey Miroshnikov)

Section 2. Transformation of the Economic and Monetary Union (Elena Litsareva)

2.1. Eastward EU enlargement and Economic and Monetary Union

2.2. Revision of the Stability and Growth Pact and enlargement process

2.3. Economic crisis of 2008 and Central and Eastern Europe

2.4. Reform of the Economic and Monetary Union

Section 3. Social policy in the context of the EU enlargement to the East (Larisa Deriglazova, Elizaveta Matveeva)

Section 4. Regional policy (Evgeny Troitsky)

Section 5. Eastern Partnership (Liudmila Igumnova, Sergey Yun, Anna Serbina)