Russia and the European Union

Project: Textbook “Russia and the European Union”

Coordinator: Sergey Yun, Candidate of History, associate professor at the Chair of World Politics, History Department, Tomsk State University

Discussion in the working group: September 2012 at the conference in Kemerovo

Deadline of the final drafts: 30 October 2012

Target audience: second year students of the Master’s degree program on European / EU studies, who have basic knowledge about history, law, EU institutions and activities.

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Textbook structure (tentative chapter titles)

Introduction (Sergey Yun)

Section 1. Background history and “grand strategy”

1.1    Russia and Europe in historical retrospect (Konstantin Yumatov)

1.2    Evolution of the format and objectives of the Russia-EU relations (Sergey Yun)

1.3    Normative aspects of the Russia-EU relations (Liudmila Igumnova)

Section 2. Economic relations

2.1 Trade regime and trade relations (Sergey Yun)

2.2 Investment interaction and industry-specific dialogues in the Russia-EU relations (A.S. Gusev)

2.3 Russian-EU energy dialogue (A.S. Gusev)

Section 3. Political relations

3.1 Foreign policy and security in the Russia-EU relations (E.V. Badaev)

3.2 Russia and the European Union in the post-Soviet space (Evgeny Troitsky, Konstantin Yumatov, Sergey Yun)

3.3 Visa issue in the Russia-EU relations (Oleg Korneev)

Section 4. Russia, EU regions and countries

4.1    Russia and EU member states (Sergey Yun)

4.2    Germany and Russia (A.S. Makarychev)

4.3    Interaction of regions in the Russia-EU relations (Evgeniya Nefedova)

Conclusion (Sergey Yun)

Bibliography (Sergey Yun)

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